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We help Real Estate Agencies to attract clients with personalised websites designed for real estate domain

The research has shown that over 80% of consumers perform some sort of an online research before making a purchasing decision. This makes your website an invaluable marketing tool for your business. By creating an effective, mobile optimised website for your law firm you are making it easier for the clients in need of your services to find you – and gaining an advantage over your competition.
By creating a modern, effective, mobile friendly and search engine optimised (i.e. SEO) website you are making it easier for your potential clients to find you. This could be your edge over the competition in today’s digital age!

Basic package

$99 per month

According to the latest research from Smart Insights, more than 50% of customers start their research with a search engine. This is why our main objective when building a website for your business is to give it the best chance to be found online by your prospective customers. Every page of our websites is optimised to rank higher and to earn more relevant traffic in search engines (e.g. Google). We take into account even the smallest aspects of the webpage as when added together – they produce substantial results.

Without having the website optimisation basics covered – the website has almost no chance of getting into the top ranking spots, irrespective of having amazing PR campaigns and many references from other online resources.

The website SEO optimisation is a foundation to your customer reach and any other campaigns. Get it right and you have a solid base to succeed on the search engines, get it wrong and you will never hit the top rankings, whatever else you try.

Over 50% of online users are using a mobile device to browse the internet and that share is growing. This makes it paramount that your website is designed to be accessed using a mobile device. To make things even more important – Google has officially confirmed that they will penalise websites that are not mobile compatible.

We take search traffic seriously, hence all our Real Estate websites have been designed to be mobile friendly. This means that they scale based on the screen real estate available to provide an optimal viewing and interaction experience for your customer. This includes easy reading, website navigation with minimal effort and screen resizing, panning and scrolling.

We are here to make your Real Estate Agency stand out from the crowd! We have researched website designs and structures to find out what works the best for small real estate agencies. We have a number of website design styles to pick from, that we will then personalise for your particular business needs.

In addition to the core website features, we will provide you with the additional functionality to expand your feature set and improve your customers’ experience.

  • Contact Form: a simple tool to allow your customers contact you
  • Site Traffic: monitor website activity and collect data for analysis
  • Spam Protection: prevent spam from coming in through your website
  • Google Maps: let your clients easily find your location on the map
  • Social Profiles: connect with clients on social media
  • Image Optimisation: optimises images for web to improve SEO
  • Filename Cleanup: optimises file names to improve SEO
  • Google Website Translator: translates your website in 90+ languages
  • Page Redirection: old links (if any) are redirected to the current page
  • Customer Reviews: collect, moderate and display customer reviews
  • Social Media Sharing: expand your reach with social presence
  • Blogs: keeps your clients engaged with your business with blogging
  • Email subscription: collect leads via your website
  • Newsletters: keeps your customers informed with an email newsletters

Depending on the package you chose, the number of web pages that can be built will vary:

  • Basic package – up to 5 pages of web content
  • Premium package – up to 15 pages of web content
  • Platinum package – up to 50 pages of web content

Various types of content are supported, including text, audio, video etc.

Your website includes social sharing widgets. The widgets allow your customers to easily share your website, property listings and content with their friends. This helps your business to expand the customer reach even further.

We know that security is important to you and your business. We perform daily website backups and website or plugin updates for you. With us – you will have a complete piece of mind to allow you to fully concentrate on growing your business.

We host our websites in Amazon Web Services which is a leading cloud hosting platform used by all the industries in the world.

When you become our customer, you get Technical Support for life, 24 x 7. The support can be done:

  • Over email
  • Over the phone
  • Online chat
  • Anything that works for you!

Premium package

$149 per month

Everything in Basic package plus:

Integrating Google analytics into your website allows us to monitor your website traffic, collect and manage the customer data. This data is crucial to:

  • Have a deeper understanding of the customer experience and journey
  • Define your ideal customer
  • Evaluate performance of the website content and individual pages
  • Collect and report on conversion rates
  • Evaluate the efficiency of your social network campaigns
  • Produce reports and statistics
  • Provide recommendations to increase traffic / conversion rates

We help your customers to schedule meetings with you without the back-and-forth emails. Our scheduler add-on takes the work out of connecting with others so you can do more work on your business. The experience is smooth, pleasant and fully automated.

These days, blogging and social media are one of the main pillars of your online presence. Getting it right and making blogging work hand in hand with your social media greatly compliments your reach as well as positions yourself as a market expert.

Using the blogging correctly can enrich your social media with long-form posts, which will work like assets for you – for as long as the content generates interest and provides value. You can use social media to promote your blog and get even more exposure.

The seamless integration allows you to publish blog posts on our website which will automatically push them to all of your social media networks, such as Facebook, Google +, LinkedIn, Twitter and others.

Turn your website into a conversational marketing and sales platform!

With advanced website features we allow your customers to contact you live whilst they are browsing your website. You will get instantly notified of the new lead so that you can take over the customer conversion process into your own hands by having a live chat with your client. Interacting with customers live proved to be a highly beneficial strategy as that is when their level of interest is high.

Moreover, we can also capture customer details whilst you are offline so that you can follow up with the prospective client at the time convenient for you.

Platinum package

$299 per month

Everything in Premium package plus:

Having your business listed with Google is an important step in expanding your online presence. With Google My Business you have more chances of being found when people are searching for your business or businesses like yours on Google Search or Maps.

It also allows you to provide some really valuable information when people find you on Search and Maps. You can easily keep your listing update with some fresh posts and photos, business open-hours, customer reviews and even a free website.

Finally, you can build strong relationships with your customers. Make sure that every review and opinion counts by responding directly to messages and reviews.

SSL is a a technical term which stands for Secure Sockets Layer. In plain language it is a protocol which ensures a secure communications over a computer network.

This is a must have if you take payments online, for all other needs it can be considered as optional.

Google has however recently announced that making your website secure will result in minor ranking boost which should be considered as another piece of your overall search engine optimisation strategy.

Would you like to turn your website traffic into qualified sales meetings? With offline/online chat feature your customers are able to initiate a chat discussion whilst they are browsing your website.

Based on the research from & HBR, just a five minute delay in response time after a lead has first reaches out results in a 10x decrease in your odds of actually getting in touch with the lead. After 10 minutes your chances are down by 400%. So what if you could get in contact with the lead as soon as he initiates an online conversation?

We make this possible for you. You will get notified as soon as the lead has shown interest in your service, so that you can respond to him/her live. All you need to have is your mobile phone with you.

If you are busy or offline – the system will send you the details of the prospective customer so that you could follow up with him when it is convenient for you.

You may have noticed an orange square icon in the bottom right corner on our website – you could have it on your website too!

The rules for a highly converting website change as do the factors that make the website SEO optimised. Google, as well as many other search engines, are constantly rolling out new features and smarts to better serve their customers. Your website needs to stay on top of this game, so all of our packages include regular quarterly full site reviews.

You do not need to follow the latest trends and tricks on getting more leads for your business – we’ve got you covered.

To help you troubleshoot a problem as soon as possible, our dedicated team offers remote screen sharing sessions.

Just book a support session with us and we will get you back on track as quickly as it is possible!

To make your learning curve smoother and shorter, we would like to help you out throughout the process by offering 3 1-hour sessions a month. Rest assured – we are here for you when you need help.

Just book a Training Session with us and one of our friendly trainers will walk you through the functionality that you need help with.

How it Works
01. Online Design Brief
1. Select a website design style.
2. Upload your logo. Don't have a logo? We can help!
3. Provide your content
02. Construction
Our designers are crafting a new online experience for your customers. Sit back and relax.
03. Review
Now that your website is completed, go through it and let us know if there is anything you would like to change.
04. Connect your domain
A domain is your web address that you have purchased for your website. Now we only need to connect your website with your domain name and you are ready to go!
05. Go Live
All set and done, let's go live and start attracting new customers!
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