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Knowing the marketing strategies of your competitors is important. Having the insights allows you to learn from your competitors’ mistakes, model what works for them and most importantly – they may reveal the opportunities available in the marketplace.
Make those marketing insights serve you, differentiate yourself from the competition and improve on them! – Digital Marketing Analysis

The purpose of this short report is to analyse one of the top ranking real estate agency websites in Parramatta, NSW. By understanding their digital marketing strategy we will be able to:

  • Identify what they are doing successfully and perhaps what your business should replicate
  • Identify opportunities to further improve the rankings

Typing ‘real estate parramatta’ into brings this real estate agency in position 6:

As you see – Ray White Parramatta has not only managed to beat other real estate agencies in Parramatta, but also the bigger players such as and which is quite impressive.

There are 880 searches a month for ‘real estate parramatta’, so they are getting quite a bit of that relevant traffic.

The website also ranks on page 1 of Google for terms ‘real estate agent parramatta’, ‘realestate agency parramatta’ and more.

Let’s now check the organic traffic this website generates every month using the SEM Rush software. The free version is available at

As you see – the website has generated 768 visits this month and according to the historical data, this is a fairly consistent number with a moderate trend upwards.

You can also see that their customer reach is purely organic as no customers came to their website via paid advertising. In fact – they don’t actually have one.

Let’s now consider some of the key search terms this website ranks for:

There are total of 949 keywords the site ranks for and quite a number of them are returned on the first page of Google, see highlighted in red. Some of those keywords are ‘ray white parramatta‘,’parramatta real estate‘,’real estate parramatta‘ and ‘parramatta rent

Their search rankings are quite good compared to the competition, so let’s try to analyse how they did it.

1. The website

At first glance – the website is well designed with some good features:

  1. The design is clean and modern
  2. There is only one call-to-action as soon as you open the home page which is – Find Properties.
  3. Clear unique selling proposition located under the search bar


There are also some features missing:

  1. Email capture form – this could be used to collect leads / visitor email addresses
  2. Testimonials / reviews – this is a good way to build trust with the customer and Google likes it
  3. Limited social presence
  4. The business does not have a twitter account
  5. Their Google + account exists, yet there are no publications / shares
  6. YouTube account relates to the Ray White global site, not to this particular franchise real estate agency
  7. Confusing Facebook profile – page. If you search for the business in Facebook – it appears there is a physical Facebook account as well as a Facebook Page. As per Facebook guidelines, businesses can only have pages, not accounts.
  8. Too much page scroll on the property listing pages
  9. Social share buttons for the listings are barely noticeable and are only available at the bottom of the page.
  10. Blog section is missing (given that they publish valuable posts in Facebook)

Mobile site

The image below displays how the website appears on the mobile device. As you see, it resizes based on the screen size on the browser’s window making it responsive.

The share of mobile internet browsing grows and now represents more than a half of all searches carried out. This means that supporting phone friendly browsing is a must in order to offer the best user experience and convert visits to sales. Moreover, Google has started to penalise websites that are not mobile friendly.

Overall, the site appears great on a mobile device, yet the downside is that there is no clear call to action such as ‘click to call’ telephone number. This would greatly improve the customer conversion rates.

2. Site speed

Analysing the website download speed with GTmetrix tool – reveals couple of obvious changes that could be made to improve page load speed and therefore the search rankings.

Findings that require attention:

  1. The load time of 4.7 seconds is too long for a patience of an average user. Moreover – the website that is only 0.99MB should load under 2 seconds.
  2. It appears the page has multiple redirects (over 40) and most of them are advertisement related. Having multiple redirects in a row impacts the download speed and makes Google suspicious.

Cross validating the result with Google PageSpeed identifies the type of changes that could be made to improve the performance:

The suggested changes are:

  1. Remove render-blocking JavaScript and CSS
  2. Reduce server response time
  3. Leverage browser caching
  4. Optimize images

Those suggestions may sound a little confusing, yet in reality – those things are pretty straight forward to fix.

3. Technical Audit

We have checked the website using the Screaming Frog software for technical issues with the website structure.

The points of concern are highlighted below. To improve the SEO results and further strengthen the lead on the competitions the following needs to be reviewed and addressed:

  1. Fix broken links – it appears that there are around 10 broken links the website is pointing to
  2. Duplicated page titles – there are around 10 pages with duplicated titles.
  3. Missing page titles, meta descriptions, H1 & H2 headings – there are dozens of pages missing either an H1 heading or a meta description.
  4. Title length exceeds 70 characters – which makes the titles unreadable in Google
  5. Meta description length – number of meta descriptions exceed 156 characters in length, which will not get properly displayed in the Google search results.
  6. Content access permission errors – there are 5 links which point to the external content not available for public access.
  7. JavaScript code – a couple of instances of a broken JavaScript.
  8. CSS error – there are altogether 28 errors related to CSS code on the website.

Here is an example of some of the optimised and not so optimised results:

As you can see the Title and Meta Description are often not optimised leaving some page rankings on the table for the competition.

  • The website title is too short and does not contain a keyword
  • The meta description is too long and not optimised
  • Website is not secure – hot using HTTPS connection. This is optional, but a really good to have.

4. Social Media

Ray White Parramatta do have an active Facebook account where the listing as well as valuable information is posted quite frequently (every day or two).

Their Facebook page has 587 followers and their posts contain videos which improves customer engagement.

They do not have a Twitter account and their YouTube account is a generic Ray White account.

5. Google My Business

Although the Google My Business page looks quite optimised in the search results – it has received a number of bad reviews on True Local. This could negatively impact customer perception, conversion rates and at the end – search results.

6. Offsite SEO / Backlinks

Backlink is a link from another website to your website. This aspect of the website SEO is the most important factor in ranking high as it represents the trust and authority that the other websites gives you by linking to the content on your website.

Let’s analyse the backlink profile for Ray White Parramatta website using the Majestic tool.

As you can see in the above report – there are 231 backlinks pointing to the Ray White Parramatta website from less than a 100 referring domains. This would mean that on average there are 2.5 links coming from a unique domain.

Although the sheer number of backlinks may appear not too bad at first – it is actually pretty low, especially for real estate website which has property listing that you would expect others to link to.

There are two important metrics on Majestic – The Trust Flow and the Citation Flow. The Trust Flow represents the backlink quality, which is zero (i.e. 0) for Ray White Parramatta. The way it is calculated is based on how many times the links have been used/clicked by the users. Citation Flow of 17 is also low and it represents the number of citations available online to Ray White Parramatta website.

Here are some of the top links to the website:

Looking at the backlink list it becomes obvious that most of their links are made from the parent website It is a good and authoritative website, yet it appears to be a single website generating most of the links.

Looking at the anchor text data – it appears to be quite diverse, perhaps too much:

As you see – most of the anchor text (i.e. ~65%) represents a website URL which is considered to be quite unbalanced. Most of the time we would like to see the following anchor text breakdown:

  • Website URL – 25%
  • Business name – 15%
  • Business owner –5%
  • Main keyword – 5%
  • Other text – 50%


Having analysed the online marketing strategy of Ray White Parramatta we can draw some important conclusions:

  1. Ray White Parramatta are doing a reasonable job of their digital marketing compared to the competition.
  2. The website is generally clean, well designed, structured and mobile friendly. There are however imperfections on the conversion side of things which should be assessed.
  3. The social presence comprises only of a single channel – Facebook. Although the page is updated regularly, the growth of the user base should be considered. Twitter and YouTube social media channels should be considered as supporting and complementing alternatives.
  4. Integrated blogging is another major improvement which could be assessed. The blog posts could then be automatically pushed to their online channels such as Facebook, Twitter and Google +.
  5. The website technical structure is generally fine, yet duplicated titles, broken links, poorly optimised titles and meta descriptions need to be addressed.
  6. Backlink count and quality has a lot of room for improvement.
  7. Google My Business page is well optimised, yet has received a number of bad reviews. I would recommend a reputation management campaign to be run in order to restore the user trust.

Overall, seeing Ray White Parramatta on the first page of Google and beating the competition for number of keywords was a little surprising to me as their online marketing strategy is neither complete nor perfect. Given that they are beating their competition in local search terms tells me that the competition is doing an even less impressive job with their digital marketing.

This is good news for other real estate businesses as out-ranking Ray White Parramatta or other similar businesses is a task that we can take on with a great certainty.

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